That's Lancashire TV Appearance

At the studio with Noemi De Luca
In March 2016 I was invited to sit on the famous blue sofa in the studio of Talk Lancashire, a local television service broadcasting to 1.1m viewers in the county of Lancashire, my home turf.

It was great to meet Noemi De Luca in the flesh after seeing her only on the small screen. Her bubbly nature brings an exciting uplift to the programme and, before going on air, she sat me down on the sofa and we chatted for a while to get me comfortable and used to surroundings of the studio.

Andrew, the technical guy was busy setting up the additional video footage and clips and when Holly, the controller, told us everything was ready to roll we started our on air chat.
Noemi had certainly done her research on me as she covered many aspects of my work and asked me how I came to be a professional paper folder.
The thirty minutes on air flew by and I was soon on my way to my next venue with my head still in the clouds. The full programme is available on line and both parts are available to watch in the links below.

  Part 1

Part 2

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