Jess, The Plane Killer!

Alison, a recent visitor to the Art of Origami website, sent in a picture of her dog Jess. Butter would not melt in the mouth but the swallow tail plane Alison folded did not last long when Jess decided to play with it!

Jess with the incriminating evidence!

She was trying to recall how to fold the plane when she spotted the video instructions for a plane very similar on the website.  This brought back memories of her older brothers teachings and she reproduced the original model.  That was until Jess wanted to play.

Two new video tutorials

Due to numerous requests at the talks and demonstrations I do I have finally produced two new tutorials.  They are available along with all the other video's at  Just click on the 'Fold a Model' option in the menu.

The paper plane
This is typical of the paper plane your grandfather would have folded when he was a schoolboy by tearing a page from his exercise book.  With a little trial and error by tweaking the wings and tail you can achieve loops, circles, swoops and dives.

The paper banger, also known as the snapper or flapper, is an excellent fold to frighten your friends and family. It's great at parties too! You will need a large rectangle of paper. A3 size is ideal but you can use three layers of paper (on top of each other to form one thicker layer) from the colour magazines you find in the weekend newspapers.

Hutton Ladies pretending to be 10 Years old

Last night (28th Feb 2012) I visited the ladies group at Hutton for the third time in as many years. As most of them had seen me before and were familiar with folding I asked them if they would like to tackle something a little more complex than normal or use the time to learn some simple folds that they could do with their children, grandchildren, great grandchildren etc. on a rainy day. As they all wanted to gain 'street cred' with their families they opted for the latter so, for just an hour, we all pretended to be ten years old!

The first thing we folded was the origami banger which is always a hit with the younger children. Fifteen minutes into the session and over 50 women are practising the technique of making the loudest bang they could! “This will get them up in the morning” one announced and, “I can't wait till the grandchildren come to visit at the weekend!” exclaimed another. Nearly everyone managed to produce loud 'cracks' from their paper bangers and after a few minutes rubbing and nursing arthritic shoulders and elbows we were ready for the next item.

Freddie the Frog was the next model we folded. This simple eleven fold frog, when folded correctly, will jump when stroked and with a little practice can be made to do a variety of athletic manoeuvres. Everyone was keen to learn this one so they could pass the skills on to the younger ones. I explained to the group that not only do children enjoy folding this model they love to colour it and make up games and stories with it so it is a popular model to keep them entertained and out from under feet.

Freddie the jumping frog

Finally it was time for the ladies to learn a fold that would give them some street cred with their friends who visit for tea. We only had a few minutes left so everyone chose a napkin we folded the cutlery pocket. Guaranteed to impress and with only five folds it is a quick and simple method to bling up the dinner table.

Napkin Cutlery Pocket - An easy fold!

It was a relaxed and fun evening and with many complaining of aching sides from too much laughter everyone was ready for a well deserved cup of tea and a chance to take a look at some of the models I had taken along with me. I was certainly ready to put my feet up when I got home. It's not easy being ten you know!