Tony Livesey's towel-a-gami!

You always learn something new on Tony Livesey's programme! 

He was fascinated to discover that there's such a thing as towel-a-gami - that's origami, but with towels and in July 2009 I was invited into the BBC studio's in Blackburn yet again but this time to talk about Towel Folding.

Producer Alison and her towel double!
No one is really sure about the origins of Towel Origami but it is safe to say that the activity of folding towels into representations of animals and objects became popular in the 20th Century. Folded towel models of this kind have frequently been appreciated by guests on cruse liners and in expensive hotels.

Never having tried it before I grabbed some towels and decided to have a go myself. Using only a pair of sunglasses as an accessory I set to.


The swan came from one bath towel rolled tightly to give it the stiffness needed to remain upright.

Reading Sunbather
This reading sun bather was made from one bath towel and three face cloths (one face cloth is inside the body to give it depth)

Eddie the Elephant

Eddie the elephant can be a bit tricky if your towels are nearly new, as in this case. His body is a bath sheet and the head a hand towel.

When using towels the folding method is rather different to that of paper. You are unable to make sharp strong creases. Softer techniques have to be used such as rolling, moulding and some stretching.

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