Origami in Advertising

In October 2008 I was invited to contribute with origami to an advertisement for Nokia Phones.

Needless to say I jumped at the chance and after a few days development I set off for the capital with an assortment of models to hand. The shoot was on location in a London suburb in what looked like an ordinary terraced house. The place was in fact regularly used by advertising agencies as a location for many an advert and I arrived there at 8am, along with the cast, crew and even a catering organisation for what turned out to be a thirteen hour shoot, all for a 60 second advert!

Sadly the advert was not used as Nokia scrapped this range of phones in light of Apples iphone release. However the work was a great experience for me and watching these professionals at work gave me a real insight into the methods used to produce this sort of media. Something which will come in handy in the future.

Shooting the musical notes scene
The whole advertisement was to be shot in stop motion animation and the two cameras used in tandem were state of the art computer controlled SLR's. An Apple Mac with specialist animation software, designed for just such a purpose, controlled each camera. Each frame was painstakingly prepared and shot with both cameras from different angles. The images were checked before everyone moved in to animate their particular object, moving it a tiny amount before the 'all clear' call was given and the cameras clicked again, capturing another frame.

Origami notes in various stages

Five different models were required in all and each one was to fold itself from a sheet of notepaper. To aid the process several models of each was folded in various stages of completion and each one was worked on for a few frames before being replaced by the next. Here the musical notes sequence is laid out and ready to go.

Two computer controlled SLR cameras were used
Late in the evening I caught a taxi back to the station and headed for good old Lancashire leaving the production team with several more days work ahead with the post production where the scenes were edited into the rest of the animation and the sound track composed and added.

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